• Bossman

#NoCutCorona Update: This Is The End

Looking back on #NotCutCorona, it was a time to remember, a time that will go down in the history books, a time where we grew our hair out for absolutely no reason. This trend? Kind of a flop... We saw a lot of people on Twitter growing out their hair but labeling it incorrectly... "Corona Hair", "Quarantine beard", "Off season hair"... STFU, if you are going to grow your hair out in the midst of a pandemic, you have to use the right terminology.

Anyway the quarantine is ending Monday and we will finally be trimming up now that Minnesota is starting to open up (slowly)...

Jesus this is a rough look, my hair is starting to piss me off. It's always in my face, my beard hairs are always getting in my mouth, food gets stuck in it... Lets put this trend in the books and never visit it again.

Kyle you look terrifying in this picture, I don't know if its the fact that you took it in the dark or the angle of the camera, but you look like you just killed a family of four and then snapped a post-murder selfie... Great beard though.

Jake was able to pull this look off the entire time, unlike me, the guy actually has a solid beard... Although if you see him wear sunglasses, he looks like a poster child of a guy who smokes cigarettes while working on motorcycle engines.

Bates goes ahead and sends me this picture because he "already got a hair cut"... what the fuck Bates? This challange ends in 5 days. Was this whole thing just a sick joke to you? Did you actually think I was going to post a picture of a handful of seeds? I knew Bubba would quit, but I didn't think you would too.

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