#NoCutCorona Week 1

Call this 10,000 Takes Power Rankings 2.0, this shit is going to be 10x as funny and much more of a roast. When it comes to #NoCutCorona, we are all on level playing ground. There is nothing you can do to look better or worse, it's all up to genetics at this point.

With no haircut or shaving, what do the boys look like a week into this?

I can promise you something, Bubba put over half an hour of work into this picture. He probably took a shower, sculpted his hair, and groomed his beard. I've seen Bubba in person plenty of times, he put too much work into this. I don't think I even put half the effort in my tinder profile than he put in this photo. But I love the dedication to the bit, so I'll give you that one Bubba.

A slow start by Justin, but who knows if he actually started in the begining of the quarantine. He has a girlfriend, which means he can't just look like a piece of shit whenever he wants. He might just be yanking our chain just to get a featured selfie on a Bossman Blog. But next week's selfie will prove any of these possible theories wrong.

JJ looks horribly disinterested in this photo. He could be the poster child of a guy who is forced to sit inside without being able to watch sports or do anything. Which is all of us, and he's starting to look as homeless as the rest of us (except Justin), so he's headed in the right direction.

Zepper is a clear leader here. Contrary to Bubba, he looks like he just rolled out of bed from a mid-afternoon hungover Sunday nap. I'm also thinking he got a head start on the challenge along with Big Ben. But I can't go without dropping the blackout selfie he dropped in the 10K group chat on Friday night:

(I added the caption for humor, but its the perfect face for that)

I don't know if it's the angle of the camera, or the expression on his face, but AB looks like more of a psychopath than the actual Antonio Brown... I think the combination of lighting and facial hair is gonna to give me nightmares tonight. I know this quarantine sucks, but pop a smile Andy.

Dang, my beard is coming in thicccccer than a bowl of oatmeal. Just want to let all the ladies know that my DM's are open, because apparently we are treating this segment like tinder now.

I respect KpColeman44, because he wanted to join the movement even though he clearly just started today. But Iv'e seen Coleman with long hair and may have thrown out a "You look like a Scandinavian lesbian". It sure gets greasy, so you people are in for a treat with Coleman joining the challenge. Also I appreciate the smile. The half smile always gives off a "I'm dead inside" type look, which is probably accurate under current circumstances.


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