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Not Even Amazon Has Toilet Paper....

What a wild fucking couple of days, huh? From Tom Hanks, to Justin Trudeau's wife, to every imaginable sports league in the world minus one:

NASCAR is gonna have the ratings of the century this weekend.

*UPDATE* Sources say NASCAR is not having the race this weekend. Damn.

But the absolute craziest thing to me about this whole situation is the hoarding of EVERYTHING that people are doing. Not sure if you've been to a store lately, but they look something like this:

Now, I haven't been to Costco, Sam's, Target, Walmart or anything like that. As of right now I refuse to go there.

I just stopped at my local little grocery store and the shelves were pretty damn bare. Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, soap, all gone. I buy my tp at Sam's, so I'm still set for awhile. But just out of curiosity, I checked to see if Amazon would be an option if I eventually need some, and...

You know if Amazon's out of it, shits getting real. All I have to say to people is you DO NOT need 700 rolls of toilet paper. Out of all the things to hoard, toilet paper would be on the bottom of my list. Get frozen food, get canned food, rice, etc. If you run out of tp, hop in the damn shower. I understand getting some extra soap and sanitizer and things like that. But if you're shopping for that stuff, be thoughtful. You don't need ten gallons of Purell. Save some for the next guy. This is the first time most of us have been through something like this in our lives. Don't be an asshole.

In some lighter, sports related news, in an NHL 20 simulation by Giles Ferrell, the Wild beat the Golden Knights 5-4 last night, moving back into a (virtual) playoff spot. Give Giles a follow on twitter, he might be doing more of these in the coming weeks.

The game was a fundraiser for Vikings reporter Chad Graff, who's family is going through hell right now. Check out his twitter page for more info, and if you have some change to spare, toss it their way on GoFundMe. I put the link down below.

I leave you with that. Stay safe out there, and take care of yourselves.

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