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OBJ to the Vikings?

As if this NFL offseason hasn't been crazy enough, some asshole got on twitter this morning and fired off this tweet:

No clue who this guy is or who his "sources" are, but I guess they are saying the Vikings are trying to pry OBJ away from the Browns. My initial thought was "I hope this Moose guy and Bubba aren't sharing sources". Followed by some excitement, being a Vikings fan this would be a upgrade at the receiver position. OBJ > Diggs. Not to mention only giving up a 2021 2nd and 5th, that trade would hold great value.

Now, I'll admit this all seems to good to be true. If the Vikings were to acquire Odell for a 2nd and 5th round pick in 2021, they essentially lost Stefon Diggs but replaced him with OBJ and got a 1st round pick in the process. Plus with the Vikings cap space situation, I'm not sure how they get that done. Although, Rob Brzezinski has worked some magic in the past who is to say he can't do it again? Since this "news" broke this morning people have been sharing strong opinions, especially the twitter crowd where a number of Vikings fans have weighed in. Some are saying that it's completely false, and some are preparing to watch Vikings games with OBJ wearing purple. How quick people forget, wasn't to long ago that a Vikings corner absolutely embarrassed OBJ and Vikings twitter let him have it.

None of this is confirmed so don't get mad at me or 10,000 Takes if OBJ isn't traded to Minnesota.

- Zooch

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