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Packers vs. Vikings Weekend Recap: My Response

Talk about an awesome week right? Honestly though, I’ve been to more professional sporting events this week then I have been to all year.

I‘ve been on the Eastern side of Wisconsin for all of about 24 hours now. What a fun place! If you ever get the chance to go to a Packer‘s game, I recommend staying in Appleton. Not only are the hotels a fraction of the price, but the downtown scene is like none other. I would guess 90% of the businesses there are bars, and they all have their own unique theme.

The only bad parts of last night were when we lost a heart crushing game of corn hole to Brad and Chad and then proceeded to walk the 2.7 miles back to the hotel. I was actually sore when I fell asleep.

Fast forward to today, tailgating came early, but anytime you get to chug Spotted Cow and eat brats before 10 A.M. automatically makes it a great day. The stadium is unbelievable, the seats were great, and the tribute to Bart Star was unforgettable.

But you guys probably don’t care about that stuff. You want to know why I was wearing the jersey.

When I had my original vision for 10,000 Takes, I wanted to make sure I was never dishonest with readers, that everything I was saying was 100% the truth.

I’m not a fan of every Minnesota sports team. In fact this reason is why I won’t ever be writing about the Vikings. I am a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan and this weekend I signed a two day contract to be a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

You might be curious why I would do such a thing, and if you’re not you probably already stopped reading by now.

I love rooting for the home team. I love representing the colors and the people I am surrounded by. It’s much more fun to cheer for a touchdown when 80% of the people in the building are cheering too. On top of that, home team confidence provided me the easiest opportunity to chirp two Steelers fans that must have showed up to the wrong game, but that was great.

Responding to all of the confused/upset messages I received (including that of Mr.Wagner), tomorrow I will once again wake up a Colts fan. I will bleed blue and white. I will simply be unbiased when it comes to discussion about the Packers and the Vikings.

This was a one time thing, and I enjoyed it. Sue me if you disagree. Go Pack Go (until tomorrow at 12:00 A.M.)

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