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Paul Allen Still Gets His Shot in the Midst of the Apocalypse!

In the midst of the coronavirus fallout, we have been stripped of all happiness. No bars, no parties and no sports! And most of all, we have been stripped of hearing Paul Allen announce a Minnesota Wild hockey game!

It was one of the things I was looking forward to the whole year, getting to hear the Minnesota Vikings play-by-play (and he's LOOOOOOOOOOOOSE) announcer, get his shot at calling some Minnesota Wild games. And it turns out his debut was not going to be until, well, right now. And the NHL season just had to be suspended right before Mr. Paul Allen would get his shot.

When all hope was lost, I saw this:

Paul Allen still got his chance and he capitalized! It was just how I imagined it too.

Energetic, passionate, enthusiastic, you know, all the characteristics that match the personality of the great, Paul Allen (YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!). And it was all brought to the game of hockey (sort of). We at least got a snippet of what could have been with a real hockey broadcast.

I am glad that in these dark times when sports have turned into nothing but Seinfeld reruns (because channels can only re-air old games), we still have hope. And that hope is Paul Allen. Thank you sir for bringing this to us! NICE JOB YOUNG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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