• "JJ" Journalist Jake

PJ Fleck Makes Convincing Case for ESPN Gameday!

You do not know how badly I would love for ESPN College Gameday to come to Minneapolis! I have been following Gopher football since I was a young lad, and I always wanted to see it come here.

The University of Minnesota allegedly sent a letter to ESPN headquarters applying for the Gameday spot on Saturday, November 9th!

For like the first time ever, we have a very good chance to get Gameday here with the help of PJ Fleck! He made a very convincing pitch to ESPN in the post game press conference after the Gophers dominating win over Maryland, 52-10.

I think it would be one crazy and memorable experience if Gameday came here. Both Minnesota and Penn State are 8-0 and this is a program-changing game for the Gophers if they were to win it.

I definitely think PJ Fleck's hits it on the head with this one! Please ESPN, bring Gameday here!

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