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An event happened last week which has really opened my eyes to the types of sports fans we have here in Minnesota. Across the social media world, you can see Minnesota sports fans getting accused of being oversensitive and playing the victim. I for one, have never bought into these claims until something happened that brought the wrath of many "passionate" Minnesotans upon us here at the Take.

First, let me set the scene

It's was a Monday night and Bossman, JJ, and myself were recording an episode of the WORLD FAMOUS podcast The Minnesota Rundown. JJ being the Gopher homer that he is, started talking about Gopher hockey potentially cracking the top 20 rankings and I finally got fed up with him only talking about his alma mater.

"Why are we talking about this team when 2 other Minnesota teams are ranked in the top 5?", I nobly asked. Minnesota State University and the University of Minnesota Duluth were both ranked in the top 5 and I was sick to my stomach that we were talking about a Gopher Hockey team that, at the time, was barely over .500.

JJ did what he always does... deflect.

"Well, they're the biggest University in Minnesota", he said smiling like an asshole and completely ignoring the fact that 2 other Minnesota teams are contenders for a National Championship.

This led to an intense debate that ended with a decision to post a poll on Twitter to ask our followers which college hockey team was their favorite. This decision led to one of the biggest controversies in 10,000 Takes history now famously known as Poll-Gate.

The Decision

This whole controversy would never have happened if Twitter, a multi-billion dollar platform, would allow you to create a poll with more than 4 options. With only 4 options to choose from we had to leave out one D1 Minnesota school. We knew a few people might be upset if we left their team out, so we decided to use a reasonable basis to determine what teams would be on the poll. We decided to select teams based on the NCAA rankings, a basis that we thought would be rational. Sure you could argue other factors but we are just using the information from this poll to talk about current events in college hockey and to be honest, we're not going to be talking about the 5th best team in Minnesota anyways.

When the poll was released there were 3 Minnesota teams ranked in the top 20, Duluth, Mankato, and Bemidji so they automatically made the poll. Then we had the incredibly difficult decision to choose between the University of Minnesota or the below .500 St.Cloud State Huskies. The U of M had a better record and a bigger following, and any person with a semi-functional brain would choose the U of M over SCSU.


Here it is, the poll that set the St. Cloud community ablaze.

We even put a poorly spelled disclaimer under the poll explaining that the Huskies would have been included if we weren't limited to only 4 options.

Everything was fine for about 5-6 hours before the St.Cloud fans caught wind of our insignificant Twitter poll.

My favorite post was the last one. I can respect the amount of pettiness this person has for absolutely no reason. You can tell that this is the kind of guy who unfriends you on Facebook over politics.

This poll was not meant to slight anyone and the amount of anger that St.Cloud fans threw at us just shows how much insecurity they currently have over their program. I love how they start trying to have some sense of superiority over Bemidji. Last I checked the Beavers were 18-8-4 and ranked in the top 20 while the Huskies were 11-12-5 which confuses me... How can St. Cloud look down on a ranked team that is obviously better than them this year?

This event helped me realize that maybe Minnesota does have overly sensitive fans...

I mean if we unintentionally offend a whole town, I can't imagine the response if we were actually coming at them. For the first time ever I am able to see why Packer fans have a field day with Vikings fans on social media...because we're SOFT! As Minnesotans, we must do our part to no longer be offended at the slightest thing. We must work together towards a common goal, like eliminating Wisconsin off the face of the earth (this is just a joke Wisconsin fans don't respond like St.Cloud fans, you're better than that, we all are).

Bossman's Eloquent Response

Bossman did the right thing and offered an extremely genuine apology to St.Cloud fans everywhere.

Checkout Bossman and Wags reaction to Poll-Gate below:

- Poll-Gate

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