Prior Lake Woman "Allegedly" Threatens Dog... and Stabs Ex Boyfriend

What is your ideal Saturday night like? Maybe go out to the bars? How about watching some sports? Well, for 21 year-old Sophia Rose Makesroomforthem (yup thats her last name), an ideal Saturday night consists of "allegedly" breaking into her ex boyfriend's place, stabbing him, and then threatening his roommates dog just for the hell of it.

Sophia Rose Makesroomforthem

According to the Savage Pacer:

"Police in Shakopee and Prior Lake say that Sophia Rose Makesroomforthem broke into the Shakopee home of her ex-boyfriend, threatening him, his roommate and his roommate's dog in the early hours of Nov. 10. Police said she also got into an altercation with her boyfriend late that night. "

It goes on to say:

"The Shakopee criminal complaint filed Monday states she went to the home of her ex-boyfriend early Sunday and began screaming at him and beating on his basement window. The man said he was trying to brace against the window when the woman broke through the glass and entered his bedroom.

The man’s roommate told Shakopee Police he and his dog went to investigate a loud sound coming from the bottom floor of the residence. The roommate said he saw the broken window and Makesroomforthem walking toward the other man with a shard of broken glass. He pushed the woman onto the bed, then both men ran from the room."

I have several thoughts on this story (Keeping in mind that this is America, so she is innocent until proven guilty):


- I'm unsure of the circumstances that led to this incident. Her ex could of coaxed her into some horrible situation or she could just be some crazy 21 year-old who wanted to kill her ex. I am sure of one thing though. Anyone who threatens to kill a dog is a fucking psychopath. All dogs do is love, so in my opinion, lock her up and throw away the key.

2. Her Last name is literally Makesroomforthem

-In Mediaeval Europe many surnames (last names) were based off of whatever occupation one held. Occupational surnames included names like Bacon (pork butcher), Baker, Brewer, Cheesman, Cooper, and Wagner (wagon maker). By applying this same logic, her last name is literally a warning to any potential boyfriends. She needs to "make room for" her new boyfriend (AKA:"THEM") by eliminating her old one.... Logic 101.

3. Is this girl invincible??

Makesroomforthem was locked out of her ex's place so she smashes the downstairs window, enters, and then uses the broken shards of glass to cut her ex boyfriend (allegedly). This girl forced her way in, and then had the presence of mind to use the broken glass as a weapon. Thats the stuff nightmares are made of.

As it stands today Sophia Rose Makesroomforthem faces three felony first-degree burglary charges and a felony assault charge. I for one, am just glad she's off the streets for the forceable future.

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