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Quoting Nelson Cruz: WE NEED PITCHING

Remember when he told upper management that? Yeah I do too!

Before I dive into this blog please remember, here at 10,000 Takes we don't start fights... But if you push us, expect us to push back 10x as hard. And trust me, I've spent the last 12 hours being pushed and retaliating all of my facts to people on Facebook and Twitter. I've been called "ungrateful", "negative", and all sorts of other stuff. But I'm 100% right.

Josh Donaldson had 286 hits last year along with 37 HR's and 94 RBI's. Taking a look at his stats alone the guy hasn't slowed down with age, which is a relief considering the number of older players that go downhill immediatley after Minnesota Sports teams even thinks about them. So this is a MASSIVE addition to the bomba squad, and I wouldn't be surprised if they top their own number this year.

Let the record show that I almost shit my pants when I heard this news. I'm happy that we finally spent some big money, but as an avid critic of the Twins upper management, here is the part of the blog where I will get A LOT of shit from hardcore Minnesota Sports fans that don't want to accept a simple fact:


It sure helps on the hitting and defensive front, but here's a fact for you:

The Twins ranked 21st in the league when it came to earned runs last year at 680, which is the kind of stat that gives me really bad flashbacks to the ALDS.

I can tell you now that an addition to 3rd base isn't going to do any significant improvement to this number. In addition, our best starter is still serving that bullshit suspension until May and I'm really not impressed with any of the other one year signings this offseason. It feels like we are just slapping a weak bandaid over a bleeding wound. Because a new 3rd baseman isn't going to prevent Gregorius from hitting another grand slam in game 2.

Before you try and rebuttal (because I can see some of your veins popping from here), I'll just save myself the typing and prove you wrong right now: Here is some of the arguments that have come my way:

"Can you save the incessant whining for like 24 hours? I'm pumped"

Don't you just love when you point out a valid concern with a big move like this (along with the friendly taste of my Keanu Reeves meme) and people call that "whining". The thought went COMPLETELY over this guy's head.

And hey, guess what buddy, I'm pumped too! I never said Donaldson was bad, he's a great player and no one is more excited than me that he's here for 4 years. You better believe I'll buy a jersey.

But the thing is, I wanted a pitcher. This team needs pitchers REALLY bad. And in case you haven't looked at the numbers, its facts. Not an opinion. By re-signing Sano and Cruz, I don't see any reason why the Bomba Squad won't be just fine without another big named hitter.

You can call me negative all you want, but if you really think that a third baseman is going to change what happened in the playoffs last year (especially with the players New York has now), then you're an idiot. But hey, I'm just going to keep whining!

"What budget? We have the richest owner in baseball"

I'm going to take a shot in the dark that this guy is new to being a Twins fan, or doesn't know the Pohlad family. Because they are penny pinchers.

And the most classic argument against them is that they are "cheap, don't care about championships, and only care about making money". And to their credit, they stunned us all by laying 92MM on the table.

So if you think that they are going to solve this issue with money, you must be high and on drugs. Because it's a miracle they spent as much as they did on Donaldson. Going forward I really hope that we can work out a good trade. Or else we will go belly up come October.

"Defense is a pitcher's best friend he makes the entire infield better"

I totally agree! And there isn't a doubt in my mind that he's going to make the infield wayyyy better, as well as the hitting!

But I'm talking about pitching here pal... Josh Donaldson isn't the guy throwing the ball to the batters! What exactly do you think is going to happen in the crazy event that someone hits it to the outfield? Or the in the bleachers? Because I hate to break it to you, but that happened a lot last year. The numbers drive your point right into the ground.

Listen, as a Twins fan, I really hope they can make a trade and find another starter, or a lights out closer by the beginning of the season. Ive wanted them to win a championship since the moment I entered this world (considering I overshot the last one by 6 years). But I can't stand the fact that people think this Bullpen is good enough, because it needs some help. And if you want to be "positive" and ignore this issue, you're going to be severely let down in October.

Someone else has to see how lob sided this team is right? Or is it just me?

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