Rev Lev: Reverend Leverentz

So as you all probably know our boss (man) Jack wants us to be writing more. He is writing a zillion blogs for the brand, and wants us to be doing the same. (shoutout #bossmanblogs). It has not gone over well:

A leader like you read about. Who else could possibly be the best (worst) gambler in the state, maybe even the midwest? Who else could write a blog a day for what is on track for the next decade? Only one, our boss and fearless leader Jack.

What is even more impressive is that in the midst of this blogging marathon, he has gotten himself ordained. He truly is a chameleon of the internet.

Now you can book your favorite 10,000 Takes personality (besides me) to officiate your very own wedding. Sure he may be checking his sports book in the middle of the ceremony to live bet an XFL or corn hole game, but who else would you want to marry you on the happiest day of your life?

So shoutout Jack, none of this could be done without you (that's what the groom would say)

But in all seriousness, this man is an absolute work horse, and nobody can stop him, not even 4 straight bad bets in the XFL can slow him down.

So shoutout Jack, keep doing you and keep kicking the internet's ass.

(p.s. I still haven't chirped back at that hateful Kansas blog you wrote about me, credit to me for being the bigger man)

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