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Roundtable Reaction: The 10K Takes Crew Responds to OBJ Trade Rumors

Yesterday, news broke of trade talks between the Minnesota Vikings and the Cleveland Browns involving star wideout Odell Beckham Jr.

Let's go around the 10K crew and see what they think:


I like this trade for the Vikings, depending on the return. A second round and fifth round pick are what I've heard we'll receive in return. (Maybe Bubba's sources can verify that for me.) Sure, OBJ is a bit of a diva, hot head, whatever. But if you look at this in the grand scheme of things, we got rid of Diggs for a bunch of picks, and only gave up two picks for a just-as-good-if-not-better receiver. My only concern is another Love Boat scandal...


There's quite a few reasons this can't happen the way it's being proposed, with a 2021 2nd and 5th going to Cleveland in exchange for OBJ. For starters, money.

The Cap strapped Vikings would have a lot of difficulty paying $4 million more for OBJ than they had been paying Diggs. Don't get me wrong, OBJ is definitely the better receiver, but for a team openly trying to build it's offense around the run, adding another of the highest paid receivers in football is, at best, a confusing move.

Which leads me to my second point. Odell is a player who needs the ball. Part of the reason Diggs wanted out of here was he wasn't getting the ball enough. Over the last two seasons, Diggs has averaged exactly 8.1 targets per game, compared to OBJs 9.18 targets per game. Diggs was also able to turn those 8.1 targets into exactly 6 touches per game, compared to Beckham's 5.68 touches per game. We already knew Diggs was an incredibly efficient receiver, but OBJ was unhappy only getting the ball 5.68 times a game. Let's say he comes in here and he gets exactly the same usage rate as Diggs did the last two years. If all his other recent averages stay the same, he will be getting the ball in his hands a whopping 5.01 times per game. I can't imagine he'd be happy about that.

We have amassed a metric shit load of draft picks in what is arguably the deepest WR draft class of all time. Will any of these guys become Stefon Diggs or Odell Beckham, Jr. ever, let alone year one? Who knows! But in the salary cap era and the modern pass heavy NFL, hitting on rookies, especially in skill positions, has become a necessity. Sometimes you get Diggs, sometimes you get Treadwell. But having more bullets in the chamber is never a bad thing, and once again this team is incredibly cap strapped, to help keep costs down in a position of need. Given Mike Zimmer's distaste of some of Diggs' antics over the years, I would have to imagine he'd prefer a rookie he can put the fear of God into over an established Superstar/Diva like OBJ.

I'm not saying it's impossible, and if we can find a way to figure out open up some cap to absorb OBJ's salary, I'm all for it if the return is a 2&5 in 2021. I just don't see a way this becomes feasible without a big name going back, and at that point...well, it depends on the name.


This trade is my favorite type to follow because it's all hypotheticals. The only thing we know is that a rumor surfaced from the Browns organization that they are in trade discussions with the Vikings... If I had a dime for every journalist who thought they knew more than anyone else, I would hire Jimmy Butler to wash my car. The Browns missed their window with this team thanks to Freddie Kitchens and his ongoing confusion of his red zone play calls and the dollar menu. So I can see them wanting to trade OBJ for draft picks that will be decided from Godell’s sex dungeon via Skype. 

If you think about it, OBJ is just Diggs on steroids. He’s a more talented, faster, and flashier Wide Receiver. You thought Diggs and his social media stunts were a lot to handle? Wait until your new Wide Receiver shows up to the game wearing a fucking watch that’s worth more than the value of a Dominos franchise. Have fun with that shit Vikings fans.

Master Bates

Boy, if only the Vikings would pull the trigger on this trade. I would be thrilled to see OBJ and Adam catching dimes from Cousins. Sadly at this point the trade is all rumors. OBJ is not happy in Cleveland and has it known across the league. I believe at some point last year he told teams to "come get me." The Browns want to move a diva WR who can't help them and the Vikings and their fans are in need of a great WR.

What scares me about this is that if all of these rumors are true AND the Vikings pass we are going into full rebuild mode. Slick Rick has always valued his draft picks and these picks are important but also for the 2021 draft not the 2020 draft. Not making this trade means we need all of our 2021 picks to start a full on rebuild. Here's to hoping I see Odell in a Vikings jersey this year and not 5 years of completely sucking ass.

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