• Peter Sauve

Scottie (Doesn't know) Pippen is an idiot.

Remember all the Jimmy Butler drama about a year ago? Of course you do. Rachel Nichols on The Jump brought up that people in Minnesota didn't like Jimmy which I assume she is implying KAT and Wiggins. Scottie goes on to say "It's because they don't like winning in Minnesota they only care about individual stats."

Now, that is a hot take. Here at 10,000 Takes we love hot takes, but damn that is an awful one. I know the only time the Wolves made the playoff since 2004 was because we had Jimmy on the team that year. He is a top 15 player in the league easily, guy is a great two way player. That doesn't mean Jimmy isn't a cancer in the locker room. Jimmy went from the Bulls, to the Wolves, to the Sixers, and now he is with the Heat. 4 teams in just 3 years shows a lot about the guy as a person. It's his way or the highway. Look, the heat are damn good. Jimmy is a winner and that is just a fact because of his work ethic but for Scottie to pretty much call KAT and Wiggins selfish is completely idiotic. KAT was on a team in college where they played 10 guys in the rotation. You know what that means Scottie?! That he is playing for the team and not his own selfish way. These guys bust their ass every game. Scottie out here talking shit and he only had Championships because he played with the 2nd best player to ever play the game (That's controversial). The Wolves don't win because they don't want to, it is because they suck.

As a fan who has been watching since I can remember I am damn sick of them being absolute shit. Would I love to have Jimmy on the Wolves? Hell yeah, because the dude plain and simple, wins. If Jimmy could come without the his way or the highway bit, I would of loved for him to stay in Minnesota because we would be a playoff team right now. Simply put, KAT and Wiggins didn't like Jimmy because the dude is a jackass.

As always, Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball.


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