• Bossman

Shits Going To Get CRAZY Tomorrow

Thought this was a Coronavirus blog? Well it's not, you came to the wrong place. But after this thing has taken away all of our sports and diminished our toilet paper supply (for God knows what reason) anything else is a good change of pace right???

Something thats more terrifying than the Coronavirus is the podcast that 10,000 Takes will be filming tomorrow. We're going to film a live show from a place called the Pokegama Sanatorium. This place was a Tuberculosis hospital that was built in the early 1900's on Lake Pokegama in Pine City, MN.

Long story short, before the times of modern medicine, this is where people went to die. As sad as it is, the place is haunted as fuck. It is a must-visit location for paranormal enthusiasts that are in Minnesota. It's even been featured on a few ghost hunting shows. Thankfully one of them wasn't "Ghost Adventures" because the host of that show is a total douchebag.

Anyways, this place is quite possibly one of the best to visit if you are purposely attempting to shit your pants:

Yeah, this place is scary, and we will be there all night. So whether you are up around midnight and looking for some live entertainment, or looking for some hungover background noise, you can watch our live podcast at Pokegama Sanatorium...

Bossman, Wags, JJ, and Bubba are going to see some shit, and they might not make it back. But it will be a good bit, which is all that matters.


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