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Shows to Binge While Locked Inside

As many of you may know, Minnesota extended their stay at home order until May 4th. That means people like myself, who are not "essential workers" are stuck inside on their asses waiting for this virus to calm down. It's not ideal that you're practically stuck inside with limited things to do, but we do live in a time with technology that's here for us. Streaming services now offer you unlimited access to TV shows and movies, but with so many options you may need some help picking something entertaining to throw on the TV. I'm gonna give you people some shows that will help pass the time while we wait Covid out.

- Sons of Anarchy (Hulu)

Starting with a show many of you have seen, but it has to be on my list here. Interesting from Season 1 to 7, the story of a motorcycle "club" that deals guns to surrounding crews. There's betrayal, action, and it doesn't lose steam as the show goes on. Each season brings a unique issue and the story stays on track. If you've seen it, watch it again cause there are things you forgot/missed.

- Castlerock (Hulu)

A show set in a town that is in many of Stephan Kings novels. I'd be lying if I said I've read any of his books so I'm not familiar with the story this show is based off. With that being said though, this show is very well thought out and the farther you get in the more everything connects. Season one and two have different characters but they make it work. Usually not a fan of that but they perfected it and tied the story together very well.

- Daredevil and Punisher (Netflix)

Put these shows together because they kind of intertwine. Punisher shows up in Daredevil season 2. Two Marvel characters that had solo movies in the early 2000's, and if you've seen either one you know how bad they were. These characters are like polar opposites and each of their shows portray it in a way that keeps viewers interested. Good fight scenes and the acting isn't corny like other Marvel/DC shows. If you enjoy the Marvel movies you will like these shows.

- Mindhunter (Netflix)

This show is very good, if you like Criminal Minds well this is that, on steroids. Based off a book written by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker, this show takes you inside the early days of the FBIs Behavioral Science Unit. Based on true events as well, season one is alot of interviews with killers like Edmund Kemper and Son of Sam. Season two takes ya to Atlanta where they investigate the Atlanta strangler.

- Arrested Development (Netflix)

Okay so all of the shows I've done have been serious shows, the last show ill be giving a brief description on is a comedy. Arrested is a show about a family, with one normal member. Basically Micheal Bluth has to keep his family afloat as well as the family business because his dad got arrested. His family makes it more than difficult for him with all the wild shit they do. Friendly warning seasons 1-3 are alot better than the end seasons, but the last seasons have some gems too. Just not as many.

Other shows: Breaking Bad(Netflix), Dexter(Netflix), The Office(Netflix), Parks and Rec(Netflix) , South Park(Hulu), Mayans(Hulu).

Hopefully this helps some of you out in this time of doing absolutely nothing. If it doesn't, I'm sorry maybe you can go outside and watch grass grow then. Keep checking back on twitter and our other media platforms, 10K has something big in the works and we can't wait to tell you all about it. Stay safe people.

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