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Stefon Diggs Is Like That Good Looking Girl Who Might Be Single According to Instagram

It's a classic part in the 2020 edition of Romeo and Juliet... Becky and Chad have a fight over who owns the most Lululemon. Then Chad threatened to stop buying her Chipotle AND said she couldn't take VSCO pictures with the Jeep his Dad bought him after they won State Baseball.

So what does she do? In a desperate attempt to regain his love and continue their 467 day snap streak, Becky deletes ALL pictures with Chad on Instagram. This includes pictures of the Lake Dayz, sharing a bucket of Sweet Marthas cookies, and even that Twins game that they left in the top of the 5th.

Doing this is like the millennial's equivalent to a knife in the back or a kick in the balls. Wanna know why? Because for her, this opens the flood gates:

Every thirsty guy and his brother thinks she's single. A normal day of profile creeping turned into a wonderful surprise that will probably go nowhere for all of the young Chads and Brads who have been looking for a female to mate with.

And you bet your ass this plot line applies to professional football. Its actually being performed by none other than Viking's Wide Receiver, Stefon Diggs:

As a Colts fan who follows the Vikings from time to time, I wasn't even the least bit surprised by this. Diggs has loved toying with his fans since day one. Remember when he said he wanted out of Minnesota, and then said he was just kidding? Well the entire state lost their shit that week. So yes, I certainly remember.

And when Diggs deleted all of his pictures in Vikings gear on Instagram, what did I think? My first reaction was that he is just trolling again, I mean his profile picture is literally from a meme...

But then I thought, maybe he is mad at the Vikings, maybe there was a fight, or maybe he wants to put them on the hot seat... Just so that they have to deal with all of the annoying attention and trade questions that come when the media discovers a story like this...

And how does this look for the rest of the nation? For the rest of the league? I can guarantee that some of the more desperate teams may be sliding in Digg's DM's as we speak, PRAYING that he might actually be single:

For legal reasons, I'll state that these are NOT real DM's (unless they are). But I think that this is the prime spot in the cycle where we see some teams making moves and hitting up the Vikings's star Wide Receiver... I don't know?

Vikings GM, Rick Spielman laughed off all of the speculations. I just hope he's 100% sure that his deep receiver doesn't go home with another Brad...


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