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Super Bowl Sunday: Minnesota Loves Weenies

This should come as a surprise to no one, but Minnesota absolutely LOVES Weenies. According to a new survey, Cocktail Weenies are the most popular Super Bowl food in Minnesota.

Cocktail weenies are a delicious staple for many Minnesotans during holidays and parties. My lovely Grandmother makes them every Christmas, and I look forward to gorging myself with 50 weiners each and every year.... hope that doesn't get taken out of context.

Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Michigan are fans of cocktail weenies as well, making us brothers in arms. Iowa's Super Bowl food of choice is Irish Stew, which is a bit crazy to me. Who in their right mind thinks " You know what would make this Super Bowl great? Irish Stew"! For some reason, it just pisses me off, maybe because I can just picture a bunch of Iowa dads getting together and making horrible jokes like this:

New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine love Super Bowl wings, but in specific they love garlic parmesan wings. Wings are a great choice for the Super Bowl, but what I want to know is why does the North East love that specific flavor so much? Garlic Parm is good, but let's be honest, after 3 or 4 wings the flavor becomes over-powering.

Check out the full survey results here

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