• Peter Sauve

That game straight up sucked. Michael Thomas straight up embarrasses himself.

The Vikings were severely outmatched in yesterday's Divisional match up with the 49ers. I made a huge homer bet and put 95 on the Vikings to win yesterday, but never bet against your home team, or for that matter, bet on them at all. I try to leave out any bets for Minnesota teams because all it does is double the disappointment. I could not help myself yesterday. I told myself this is our year. Of course I said that in 2009 and 2017. I was only 3 years old for that 1998 team. I know all about it though, because my dad never fails to bring it up. Are you really a Minnesota Viking fan in your teens or 20's if your father doesn't always bring up the anguish of 1998? The simple answer is no.

This game didn't really hurt though. It was almost...expected. The 49ers ran all over the defense yesterday coming up with 186 yards. Jimmy Garoppolo looked like the game manager he is, but looked sexy as hell doing it. What? The guy is good looking. He did not have to go win that game for the 49ers. Their O-line, running game, and defense won that game. I want to give most of the credit to the Niners but not all of it. This game really showed how far the Vikings are from really contending for the Super Bowl. The defense is starting to age, the offensive line still has a long ways to go, and the play calling needs to get better. Stefanski will most likely be out so Cousins is already going to be on his 3rd OC in just 3 years here in Minnesota. (As I was finishing this, Stefanski got hired as the Browns HC.) For the people blaming Cousins, please stop it and get some help.

The other options the Vikings had were Teddy and Case. Do not get me wrong, I loved both those guys, but they were not the best option. The Vikings believed they could contend for a super bowl so they went and got a QB they believe could do that. I still believe he can. We have all the offensive weapons in place other than a consistent O-Line.

Some Viking fans are also calling for Zimmer to be fired. He took over a 3-13 team when he got here. Ever since his arrival our defense has been dominant (for the most part) and we have 3 playoff appearances. I know we won't be satisfied until we get that Lombardi trophy but lets be rational here. You think Brad Childress or Leslie Frazier would be winning as much as this team has in the last 6 seasons? It's hard to win in this league and Zimmer has been winning. He just hasn't gotten to the big game yet. Not many coaches do, so every one relax with the fire Zimmer narrative. I'm Looking forward to a good draft and can't wait for next season to begin. Until then, I am riding that Titans bandwagon. No one is stopping the three headed monster of Derrick (Down Hill) Henry, Ryan (Alpha Male) Tannehill, and Coach Vrabel.

Lastly, what the hell is Michael Thomas doing?! He's on his couch running his mouth at a team that bounced him out of the playoffs in the Wild Card round.

Dude are you serious with this tweet?! I love shit talking. I love watching players shit talk. I get out my popcorn and just scroll through social media when players with egos bigger than their head start talking. It is the purest form of entertainment. This is not one of those times I enjoyed it. Hell, if he was talking shit last week if they had beat the Vikings, Then yeah that's more than okay. He decided to go out and look like a complete dip shit with this tweet. The Vikings may have lost yesterday but Michael Thomas was the real loser. Him and his squeaky ass voice.

LMAO Hercules put this man in his fucking grave!! Hercules you are now my favorite Vikings player and forever will be one of my favorite players whether you stay here in MN or not. I will follow that career. You deserve a lombardi for this tweet. Lastly, my hot take is that Thomas will just become another average receiver once Drew Brees is gone. I'm mostly like wrong but fuck this guy. I hope he is doodoo the rest of his career. As always everyone, Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball.

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