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The 7 Wonders of Minnesota: #6 Minnesota Stadiums

Yep that’s right, the #6 Minnesota Wonder isn’t just one place, it’s a collection of Minnesota superiority. Seriously, this group of stadiums is beautiful, and it is 100% proof of how much Minnesotans care about their teams. So, with out further wait here’s a long list for why Minnesota Stadiums are the #6 Wonder of Minnesota.

TCF Bank Stadium

I love this stadium because it looks good, feels good, and its outdoors. Its sexy, but it also has a real natural feel to it. The Gopher Football team and company have been playing here since 2009. Let’s hope we can put together a season that’s worthy of this palace in 2019.

US Bank Stadium

WOW. Just WOW. I’ve been to US Bank for the Minnesota High School State Football Tournament, and all I can say is after being there I almost changed my tinder profile to "Seeking Stadiums". Just WOW. The Vikings have been playing there since 2016. It even hosted the NCAA Basketball Final Four this past year.

Target Field

Just the epitome of a Minnesota summer. It has a classic, yet modern feel that shows you what baseball is all about. The Twins having been playing here since 2010, and let’s a hope we can bring home a World Series this year!

Allianz Field

If Ronaldo or Messi walked into this building they would sign with us no questions asked. The Minnesota United Loons have been playing there since earlier this Spring, and they’ve had a great season to inaugurate the brand-new field. Hopefully we make a deep playoff run!

Xcel Energy Center

The Xcel Energy Center may not be as new as some of the other stadiums we’ve been blessed with recently; however, the Xcel is still one of the newer stadiums in the NHL and consistently ranks in the top 5. Its been around the block for a few years, but damn it still looks great and its electric!

Williams and 3M Arenas

The other two big arenas that the Gophers play sports at are Williams and 3M. These are two of the older stadiums on the list, but they ooze tradition and that’s something you can’t replace. They also have unique looks and two great nicknames. The Barn is commonly used in place of Williams Arena (famous for its raised floor) and The Mariucci is used for the 3M arena (named after the legendary U of M hockey coach John Mariucci).

Target Center

Obviously, Target Center is the most underwhelming arena/stadium in Minnesota. It was built in 1990 and you can tell. The building currently hosts the Timberwolves and the Lynx. The Lynx are the one bright spot here with a few WNBA Championships. Hopefully, one day the Timberwolves will figure it out and we'll actually have a reason to upgrade the basketball arena.

Bonus: Vikings Training Camp Facilities

We’ve got a little bonus for you here. While the Vikings Training Facilities doesn't host professional games its like the little brother of US Bank Stadium and it is NICE. About a year ago I tore my ACL, and I was lucky enough to do some of my rehab at the Training Camp Facilities in Eagan so I can confirm its high quality. That being said, based on our stadium track record I wasn’t surprised.

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