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The 7 Wonders of Minnesota: #7 Itasca State Park

#7 Itasca State Park

I can understand why someone that isn’t from Minnesota might look at this and laugh. I mean have you ever heard of Itasca State Park? Most non-Minnesotans would likely say no. Other states may have parks that are more famous, but Itasca State Park has a unique characteristic that starts small but ends with a big package. Yes, Itasca is the birthplace of the Mississippi River. The 32,600 acre park is home to Lake Itasca, the baby momma of the Big Muddy.

So, in honor of Itasca State Park here are some fun facts about the birthplace of the Mississippi River:

1. Itasca was the first state park established in Minnesota which is pretty neat. In fact, Itasca was established in 1891 which makes it older than all but 3 National Parks.

2. About 500,000 people visit every year. We’re coming after you Yellowstone.

3. Itasca State Park scores a 4.8/5 on Google Reviews. Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Zion, and Yosemite National Parks also scored 4.8/5. The numbers clearly speak for themselves…Itasca is probably better than all of them.

Itasca State Park. Remember the name.

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