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The BIG Ten is Crazy this Year! (Except for Northwestern)

I love college basketball! There are countless teams competing for one of 68 spots in March Madness, a.k.a the tournaments of tournaments, a.k.a the big dance, THEE NCAA Basketball Tournament.

This year has a little more excitement involved and I will tell you why: The Big Ten! If you haven't been following what has been going on this conference, you need to start watching because IT'S FUN TO WATCH!

There is not one clear cut team dominating the conference like you would see any other year. Sure, Michigan State is definitely looking like the front runner, but everybody is beating up on each other, and every team (except Northwestern) has a shot at making the Tournament and making a run. (Again, except Northwestern).

Seriously, I said it here first, any Big Ten team that makes the big dance will have a LEGITIMATE shot at making the Final Four (Sorry Northwestern), especially when you look at the landscape of the rest of the NCAA. The #1 teams have lost several times this year with Kansas, Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke and Louisville all losing when sitting at the top spot in the country.

And that's what I like to see as a fan! There is not your typical three to four teams that will more than likely dominate the rest of the field and win the title. I am just sitting here having no idea who could make the Final Four and win it all. It could literally be any team at this point that makes the Tournament especially any team out of the Big Ten (except Northwestern). That's invigorating!

A very intriguing stat that caught my eye is how well the Big Ten plays on home court. I don't mean to be that "stats" guy, but Big Ten home teams have won 86.4 percent of all games, and only six times a visiting team won. That's crazy! This winning success at home has created congestion in the Big Ten standings with every team having ATLEAST 2 to 4 wins (except for Northwestern). Everybody is essentially beating up on each other. That's true entertainment!

A whopping 12 teams are ranked in the top 50 according to the lastest NET Rankings with 10 being in the top 40!

I think come March we will see one of the most insane NCAA Tournaments of our time. There will be excitement! There will be upsets! And there will be no Northwestern, unfortunately! It's too bad they cannot join the fun. They seem to be the only team missing out. Sucks for them!

Obviously, my team is the Gophers! And they have been fairing well in this stellar conference (so far)! They keep it up and make the tournament, they could be that one surprise team to make one hell of a run!

Go Gophers!

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