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The Halftime Show is Garbage

Hey, I loved this year's Superbowl halftime show as much as my next fellow man, and woman, with the very "revealing" performance from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. My eyes were wide and jaw was dropped for the entirety of the act. In fact, it was one of the greatest half time shows I have seen in a while.....on the surface.

Underneath the gorgeous looks and erotic moves of pop-stars Shakira and J-Lo, it was just another garbage, trashy, fake, BS halftime show like every other one that came before it with more deadbeat, washed-up, packaged, lip-syncing, trash pop-stars that are only there for an alleged ratings boost.

And let's be honest, especially for all the dudes that were watching, we only really liked it for one reason. You know what I am talking about when I say that. I could barely hear the music being I was at a bar, and I still found my self enjoying it, but we all know why that was.

The Superbowl knew exactly what it was doing. Just feeding the beast! No musical talent, just get two, hot and sexy pop-stars. That's all they need.

This fake BS needs to stop. The Superbowl halftime show should be about the music and those who are truly talented in producing it. Those who can provide quality entertainment to the masses.


I have been saying for the last decade, the Superbowl needs to bring on an authentic, kick-ass rock band, that does not give two shits about how they dress, how they look, how they sing, etc. etc. And just let them play some damn music without all the glamour and make-up. The Super Bowl has become way too fake.

Don't get me wrong, you can incorporate more than just music, by having more than just stationary musicians standing on a stage, but let's be realistic while doing it. No way in hell J-Lo or Shakira were actually singing.

The last Superbowl halftime show I thoroughly enjoyed, FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, was when The Who performed. That was incredible!

They were old, but they still had the sound and the moves to provide an entertaining show!

And the Superbowl when Prince performed in the rain, that was unreal!!! We need more halftime acts like this:


I don't want to be aroused when watching a halftime show, I want to be emotionally blown away by the music and the overall performance. I want goosebumps, not some cheap sense of arousal you get at a strip club.

We need to bring on bands like Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink-182 (as fake as they may sound in some cases). We just need some real music for a change! Just one or two Superbowls. That's all I am asking!

Enough of the washed-up pop-stars, no matter how hot, gorgeous, sexy. erotic, stimulating or alluring they may be, the halftime show needs a change.

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