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The MLB Admitted To Screwing Over The Twins

I'm actually still trying to figure out how the hell its remotely fair that the New York Yankees are allowed to sign Gerrit Cole. It should be the eighth wonder of the world that the oldest sport in American history is the only one without a salary cap. Mind Boggling.

You know how the US government doesn't allow huge companies to merge together? Because it wouldn't be fair for everyone else trying to compete? Where the hell is that in the MLB? Well known dummy and MLB Commissioner, Rob Manfred just watched Amazon merge with Google, and he didn't do a single thing about it. POLITICAL CORRUPTION!

It's Tuesday night, it's late, I should have been in bed hours ago, but I'm HEATED. Our boy, Commissioner Manfred, who suspended Pineda for trying to be healthy and lose weight, has an interesting (and realistic) view on the Minnesota Twins.

He referred to them as "A small market team". The fact that this term even exists is what's unfair about the system. Every team deserves to be at the same level, or at least in the amount of money they are allowed to dish out.

Following that he had the audacity to say how drafting young players gives teams like the Twins the opportunity to be "a very very competitive team"... No shit Sherlock, everyone has that opportunity. If you somehow screwed us out of that one we wouldn't be any better than The Benchwarmers, who are a fictional three man baseball team. Small market teams are the ones putting in the work to develop rookies until they are good enough to leave and be purchased by New York or LA.

As a Twins fan it actually feels good to finally hear someone at the top admit it. That this whole system is fucked. On the bright side, I do have a feeling that the Yankees will still find a way to lose. It's just kind of a thing that's been happening.

So this Christmas, I ask that Rob and the rest of the corrupt MLB give the Twins and fellow "small market teams" a fighting chance. Get rid of "No cap" and stop allowing all of the big teams to snatch the presents right out of our god damn stockings.

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