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The Outback Bowl in Australia?

Ok hear me out! To make these bowl games a little more purposeful (and exciting), wouldn't it be great to spice things up a little bit, like playing the Outback Bowl in an exotic place like Australia? It would only be fitting!

What I mean by "more purposeful" is that outside of the College Football Playoff, bowl games really do not have much meaning. They are more just consolation games for teams that weren't good enough to compete for a national title. That's just the way it is!

Don't get me wrong, bowl games provide opportunities for teams to play beyond the regular season and play some top talent outside of their conference. And for the Gophers, they are playing in the Outback Bowl against the Auburn Tigers out of the SEC. You don't get to see Minnesota play teams like that let alone in bowl games.

We always seem to end up in the ass-end of bowl games playing teams like Central Michigan or poor teams out of equivalent conferences like Gerogia Tech, etc. To play a top-dog program like Auburn is definitely an upgrade and could make for an exciting game. But in the end, the national championship is where you want to be, at least the Rose Bowl.

It would only make sense to have the Outback Bowl in the outback of Australia. I can see the slogan now in a total Australian accent: "Gophers. Tigers. Two very different specimens battling it out in the vast reaches of the outback! Let's go to Outback tonight!"

I'll tell ya. I'd be there in a heartbeat! That would be amazing!

Instead of having yet another bowl game in Florida (I swear there is already like 12), bring it somewhere exotic! And Australia would be perfect for the Outback bowl. Let's bring excitement to bowl games again!


Is this idea a bit of a stretch? Does it sound crazy? Maybe. But damn that would be cool!

Overall, congratulations to the Gopher football team for finishing the season 10-2 and having the chance to go up against a top SEC team. It will still make for a good game even though I really wanted to see them in the Rose Bowl or the CFP.

It was an extremely exciting season, and I cannot wait for what the future holds for Gopher football!

Row the Boat, Ski-U-Mah, Go Gophers!

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