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The Texans Just Got Fleeced...

It’s been 4 days since most professional leagues have “paused” their seasons. Luckily for us the NFL has picked up the slack and is delivering some action. While the NFL isn’t playing games right now and is in their off-season. Teams have been extending current players, franchise tagging, and making trades. A huge trade went down in the NFL this morning between the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals. The Texans are sending standout Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins, yes you’re reading that right, to the Cardinals for Running Back David Johnson and a second round pick.

DeAndre Hopkins is a top 5 WR in the NFL and David Johnson is a RB who has upside but has dealt with injuries for a majority of the last 3 years. After rushing for over 1200 yards in 2016, he was primed for a big 2017. In the opening game of the 2017 season Johnson dislocated his wrist. Since the injury, Johnson hasn't looked like the same RB we all watched burst onto the scene in 2016.

As this trade stands right now, it looks like the Texans are getting fleeced. The Cardinals get a superstar WR that will open the field up for an aging Larry Fitz, as well as give a young mobile QB who just won rookie of the year another elite target. The Texans get a 28 year old injury prone RB who has rushed for over 1,000 yards just once in his career. OHHHH and a 2nd round pick cant forget that.

When I had first seen this news on Twitter, I thought it was from a fake account or someone trolling. Once I realized that the tweet was from Ian Rapoport, I laughed and said "no fucking way". This trade makes no sense, it's a very low risk, HIGH reward for Arizona and a high risk, meh reward for Houston. As far as the money goes the Texans look to save 3 mil in 2020 and 8 mil in 2021, which is not a lot in NFL standards. Not enough to go sign impact players to help you now. Right now the number 1 receiver on the Texans roster is Will Fuller. He's very talented but he also can not stay healthy and has never completed a full season. Needless to say Houston needs to address the WR room. Meanwhile the Cardinals get younger at the RB position will slide Kenyon Drake into the starting Running Back spot. Drake started to play well for the Cards at the end of last season and they will be relying on him heavily in the run game.

With the addition of Hopkins, the Cardinals look to be a much better team this upcoming season. I don't think they will compete for the NFC West crown as that division is loaded, but I think they will be in the hunt for a Wild Card spot with the NFL expanding to 7 playoff teams. The Texans on the other hand look to be going in the opposite direction. As the AFC South gets better with the Titans making the AFC Title game and the Colts moving in the right direction, the Texans wont have the easy division schedule to save them. Time will tell just like in every trade that's made, but for Texan fans this had to be a gut punch to wake up and start your monday to.

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