The Wild Come Up Clutch

The Minnesota Wild haven't played much hockey in the month of May in their teams history. This year isn't any different, only for a much crazier reason. This didn't stop the Wild from entertaining their fans nonetheless. On the Minnesota Wilds YouTube channel, they dropped a video of most the players singing along to "Born to be Wild" by Steppenwolf and it's the video you never thought you'd need.

Fans everywhere want their favorite teams to get back to the action, but it's cool to see these guys having fun and spending time with their families. After talking to some hockey writers/analysts this weekend on the Sota Stream, you realize how little time off they get during the grind of a NHL season. Although, Alex Stalocks son may be ready to have his dad back out on the ice and outta his hair.

Stalock may be small in size but cmon man, and judging by his kids reaction there is no doubt he was in the dog house after this. Head up kid, I think your dad may be able to afford a new one for ya. Another great part of this video is to see how Minnesotan, Ryan Hartman looked. He is dressed head to toe in camo with a rifle strapped over his shoulder.

We got to see Kevin Fiala, granted it wasn't on the ice and to be honest his off ice dancing could use a lot of work. EK, Staal, and Spurgeon stole the rock star look with some nasty wigs. Greenway showed that he has the voice of an angel and being he is a giant it was impressive. My girlfriend was happy cause her favorite player Mats Zuccarello showed off that classic grin. One of the best parts came from a Wild newcomer, Alex Galchenyuk was just trying to include his cat on the bit and his cat said "nah".

My sources tell me that Stalocks son and Galchenyuks cat have teamed up in an effort to get the NHL to resume play immediately. Disclaimer: my sources are also Bubbas sources so not very credible but even a blind squirrel finds a nut here and there. Shoutout to the Wild for finally giving fans something entertaining to watch in May. Hopefully it's safe to resume hockey soon so we can watch these athletes on the ice doing what they do best. Maybe they might even have a new Russian teammate playing with them...... Until next time.

- Zooch

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