• Peter Sauve

The Wolves are Doodoo, but be Patient. In Gersson We Trust.

The last thing I should tell a Wolves fan is to be patient. We have been watching a vastly inferior team put on the court of Target Center for years. Yes, we had one year of winning basketball in the last decade but at what cost? We got rid of Zach Lavine, Kriss Dunn, and a 1st round pick for Butler. All of that for one year of a complete headcase. One year after that trade went down, the Wolves have Robert Covington to show for it, that is it. Look, I was super excited when this trade went down. I am thinking we are finally going to make the playoffs and win at least the first round of the playoffs. Well, after 14 years of not making the playoffs in a league where over half the teams make it, the Wolves were bounced after 5 games. I was only 9 years old when we made the Western Conference Finals in 2004, so in the game we beat the Rockets I was having a hell of a time. It is my best memory of any Timberwolves success.

I only bring that trade up because all it did was set the Wolves back a couple of years. Thibs and Glen Taylor said 14 years isn't enough shitty basketball, we need at least 3 more years of it. I am convinced Glen Taylor is out to make the Wolves as shitty as possible for as long as possible. The Butler trade was a disaster and he signed Wiggins to a max contract before Wiggins proved anything. His whole point was, "I will give you this money now, you prove to me how good you are later." Thanks Glen for making us be stuck with the trash can Wiggins is for a couple extra years. The Wolves are strapped for money because of this signing. Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball. I wrote a piece on Wiggins earlier when he was hot, thinking this is it. How naive was I. Wiggins is not a winner and never will be. He got his money and that's the end of it. This team will not be good until Wiggins is off of it.

Towns is the lone bright spot on this team, but right now, he is not playing hard. Towns is our best player, but the defense gets so much worse when he is on the court. Defense is mostly effort and some instinct. Towns is suppose to be a leader but when he is on the court he is not leading this defense like one would hope.

Jarrett Culver is going to be a good role player in this league. He is never going to be a star but I think someday will be a good number 3 option. Behind Towns and some other player in the future those three could make the playoffs with help from role players that can actually play the game of basketball. I like Culver because he actually plays hard and has a lot of potential. Kid is going to be good.

Here is why I think we need to be patient. Gersson Rosas has had one off season to help this team win. He did what he could with what he had. He also traded Jeff Teague. That should make every fan of this team happy and believe in this guy. In Gersson we trust!!

The offense that has been implemented is hucking 40 threes a game and getting to the rim. This team simply does not have the personnel to do that. That is why Rosas is here. He has a vision and eventually we will have the personnel that can run this offense like a well oiled machine. The Wolves are going to be a lottery team this year and probably next year. If anyone can get this team to start winning, it is Gersson. Just be patient people. As always Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball. Sell the team to Kevin Garnett. I beg you.

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