The Wolves Are REALLY Bad And There Is Only One Person To Blame

Wow do the Wolves suck right now. They are 10-19 while continuing to ride a depressing 11 game losing streak. Some of those losses were good, most were just terrible.

There are so many people we could blame. Management, coaching, players (not fans because credit to us for staying on this shit train since Kevin Garnett left). There really is only person we should blame. The dickhead that tweeted this piece of literary treason against our great state:

The Wolves were 7-4 the day this was tweeted (Nov 14). First off, being three games over 500 is by no means bragging rights, especially when you are only 11 GAMES IN THE SEASON. Never ever ever ever ever should you start trash talking to the haters this early on. As we know with Minnesota Sports, they let us down, ALOT.

Since this was tweeted, the Wolves have gone 3-15 and have lost 11 straight since December 1st. I'm not professional sports analyst (I'm probably better). But I would call that "bAd" like, rEallY FuCKiNg bAd.

For those of you who don't know me very well, I'm superstitious, quite possible the most superstitious person to walk the face of the planet. Minnesota sports is the cause, they are why we all like this. SO when I saw this tweeted from the Wolves account, I knew that we were done. We were already doomed from the start, but this person just put the nail in the coffin.

With all of the tweets that get sent from this account everyday, they probably thought that they were in the clear. That it would get buried under the countless pictures of KAT warming up with #focused as a caption. Unfortunately for you, there will always be psychopaths like me that will spend 30 minutes on the day after Christmas scrubbing Twitter to find what derailed it all.

Possible punishments for them? Termination to start, a ban from Twitter, and an exhile from the state of Minnesota. Those are just my ideas but they seem fitting.

The past is the past and I'm not going to dwell on it. The Timberwolves still have a small chance to win a game this month when they go against the Sacramento Kings tonight, who have only won two more games than the Wolves. So it's now or never.

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