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The XFL Was A Success: Three Thoughts From Zepper to Start Your Week

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you're all doing well, and staying hunkered down at home like myself. If not, well,

Anyway, I'm glad that I have a few thoughts on sports to share. Seems like it's gonna be tough to find things to talk about for awhile, but I'll do my best.

The XFL Was a Huge Success

News broke this morning about Houston Roughnecks star quarterback P.J. Walker Signing with the Carolina Panthers.

As a fan of Teddy Bridgewater, this kinda sucks. I was cheering for him to be the starter in Carolina. He still very well could be, but Walker was easily the most talented QB in the XFL.

This also sucks for Roughneck fans, and fans of the XFL in general. But here's the thing: This is FANTASTIC, not only for the XFL, but the NFL and football fans as a whole. This shows the XFL could be becoming exactly what it should be: A minor/developmental league to the NFL. Vince McMahon is out of his damn mind if he thinks the XFL is going to directly compete with the NFL.

The NFL is here to stay, and is going to stay the #1 football league, like it or not. But if by some miracle, Goodell and McMahon get on the same page, this could be a huge opportunity for BOTH leagues. Just think how much better the NFL could be if players and coaches had a professional minor league to develop in a pro-style system before they hit the NFL. Take a look at the NHL. There are more minor league hockey teams than you can count. Very few draft picks actually play in the NHL right away, unless you're McDavid, Eichel, etc.

A Developmental league would, I believe, reduce the amount of draft busts we see in today's NFL. With the current system, it will only get worse if they add a 17th game and take away a preseason game. I, for one, as a Vikings fan, would LOVE to see less first rounders not pan out.

Good luck with that one, Falcons. Think of the benefit for coaches as well. Give them a chance to run the pro-style team in a minor league setting with less pressure, and if it works, promote them to a head coach job in the NFL.

I also believe if the NFL has more pro-ready talent, rather than fresh out of college guys, the parity would be much stronger. There would be less teams like the Dolphins, Jets, Browns, etc, while there would also be less dynasties, like the Patriots. I see it as a win-win for everyone.

The Vikes Are Disgustingly Thin at Wide Receiver

How did this happen? Last year, we had arguably the best WR duo in the NFL. If you read my last blog, I said I didn't really like the Diggs trade. I'm still not a fan, but I get it. If he wanted out and was gonna pull a Jimmy Butler, get rid of him.

But, I mean, come on. Take a look at our depth chart. Laquon Treadwell leaving hurts. Wow. I never imagined I'd say those words. but it does. Check out this depth chart. (It hasn't been updated for Treadwell leaving yet, however.) Who's our #2? #3?

Even if we draft a guy, and this draft is LOADED with receivers, to expect him to produce huge numbers right away is insane. Check out my proposal above about a D-League, and I doubt this is as big of a problem.

I Miss Baseball

Holy hell do I ever. As I sit, quarantined in my apartment, looking out over a trainyard with gloomy skies and a temperature of around 30 degrees, all I can do is dream of sitting at Target Field on a sunny, 75 degree day. Surrounded by a couple of Mich Goldens, a footlong Boomstick hot dog, and a Tony O's Cuban sandwich. Man, those were the days. But as we get further into this whole shitshow, it looks more and more like those dreams might have to wait until 2021. Maybe the next time I visit Target Field will be for the Winter Classic. I sure hope I can go there sooner.

It's all gonna be okay. So for now, stay home (if you can), stay away from people, and hope this blows over as soon as possible. In the words of the Fargo Theater:

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