There's Only One Man To Blame If The Twins Don't Make The Playoffs (But They Will (Knock On Wood))

Captured in August, 2015 by Time Magazine

You probably wouldn't have guessed it was my good friend and fellow writer, Zane Wagner (Unless you read his blog last night).

For those of you who don't know, I haven't been blogging about the Twins (except when I did) because I don't want to jinx their playoff chances (knock on wood). Of course if I were to blog about them, its gonna be playoff talk.

This could include injury updates, team reports, playoff predictions, etc. But Minnesota Sports have fucked me around too many times. I've built up a superstitious shell that protects me when these times come around (Because they don't very often).

Now that Zane has blogged about them, the weight and responsibility of the future of our team has been lifted off of me. The headlines won't be including my name anymore, and the blame would be on Mr. Wagner.

I applaud his confidence to post though. I'm equally excited about how close we are to clinching (knock on wood). See?? I have to just stop using that word all together.

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