Theres A Bear On The Loose In St.Paul

Welcome to 2020, where a fucking bear making its way into a St.Paul isn't even big news...

Per Kare 11: A bear was spotted on Union Depot's security cameras around 1 a.m. Thursday. Security workers noticed the bear wandering around Lot C outside the Depot, just off of Kellogg Boulevard, for about an hour. It wasn't clear where the bear came from, or where it went after it disappeared from the cameras.

Thats a big bad bear just casually walking the streets of St. Paul. Wanna hear what's terrifying? No one knows where the bear is. This footage was captured from a security cameras HOURS after the fact. As far as we know, this bear could have taken a nice little nap on home plate of CHS Field.

If you live in or near St.Paul, keep an eye out for this guy. Ive heard he likes honey, hibernating, and double doinking field goals in the playoffs.

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