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They Found An Actual Alligator In Prior Lake

Why are alligators so abnormally aggressive? Because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush - Water boy

In all honesty though I'm running for the hills. If I was on the fence about moving away from Minnesota, this might be the thing that pushes me over the edge.

9-year girl, Quinlynn Lehrman was helping her grandparents with a fall cleanup last weekend when she found a dead alligator floating near their boat lift in Prior Lake. After showing her grandparents, they called the Minnesota DNR and were instructed to put the damn thing in their freezer until they arrived. (If you have ever been to the south, fried alligator is actually super good)

Courtesy of Fox 9

Apparently in the state of Minnesota you can legally OWN an alligator, but you need a special permit... WTF??? How does one acquire this permit? Where do you just buy an alligator if you had such permit? And finally, why does this exist? What kind of psychopath is running around Minnesota putting baby alligators in our lakes? By doing that you are totally eliminating one of the reasons why we are better than Florida. We don't have those fucking things running around (until now I guess).

When I go in lakes I get nervous about snapping turtles. Well its safe to say that this heightens my fear of fresh water creatures to threat level red, which is a level I haven't experienced since swimming in the ocean at age 9 (I don't play with sharks).

I really had to give it a double take the first time I saw this and honesty, I still don't want to believe it. From here on out, I may never swim in Prior Lake ever again because I wouldn't be surprised if some crazy man who posses the alligator permit is trying to populate Minnesota with alligators. Keep them out of here!

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