• Peter Sauve

This Is Not A Drill! The NBA Suspended Their Damn Season!

WTF is actually going on right now?! My mind can not process all of the information coming in today about sporting events being cancelled. Wait, not just sporting events, THE WHOLE NBA SEASON IS SUSPENDED. This is not a drill. This is the WOJ bomb of all WOJ bombs. This shit is taking me out of retirement. Now Bossman can back off of my terrible writing habits

This whole day has been shit. First, I hear March Madness is going to be played without any fans. I was suppose to go to Omaha for the first round to experience the Madness in person for the first time ever. I was initially pissed, but, the financial guru I am thought I guess I can save some money and watch it at home. How naive of me, Madness is for sure going to follow suit with this shit. The people need the Madness, please to do not cancel. If my degenerate ass can't have Madness to gamble on, I for sure need to hit up virtual dog and horse racing on Bovada. They seriously have it.

Second, Tom Hanks has the corona?! Dear 8 pound, 6 ounce newborn baby Jesus, Don't let the corona take Tom Hanks from us. He's one of the good ones. This means all out war against the corona. Congress needs to sign a declaration of war, going after Tom Hanks is too far.

Lastly, but certainly not the least. I was casually enjoying twitter as my fellow trash twitter brethren do. Then Woj hits us the mother of all Woj bombs.

This shit is insane. A whole season just gone (for now). In my lifetime that has never happened so I can't really wrap my head around it. In the record books is 2019/2020 just gone forever if the season doesn’t start up again? do the stats just disappear? Does Lebron's seemingly ageless season go away? Is D-Lo even on the Timberwolves anymore? Are the Timberwolves one of the worst teams in the league? Oh no, Is Andrew fucking Wiggins back on the Wolves? I have so many questions to be answered. The only thing I know that will stay the same is the Wolves players won't show up to play at Target Center.

It seems as if the NHL is going to follow suit, March Madness will not be played, we can not and will not forget about the XFL, they will most likely suspend their season. March is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year (not Christmas) and and that has been ripped away from me. Does this mean the MLB may suspend their season also?! Will the NFL play next year?! All I am going to a say is I have no idea what I will do without sports. I feel like Ricky Bobby during interviews after a big race.

Damn you Corona Virus. Going home with all the trophy's this year while the other kids are leaving with participation trophies. In All seriousness wash your damn hands and if you're sick, please stay home so grandma and grandpa don't get this illness. They are the most vulnerable.

As always signing off with Glen Taylor doesn't know shit about basketball.

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