THIS JUST IN: Mother's Day is Officially a Social Media Holiday

You may have noticed on Sunday, May 10th your social media feeds were filled with posts/essays regarding how much someone loves their mom more than yours. Once a legit holiday, Mother's Day has now become just another social media holiday thanks to people competing via social media to see who loves their mom the most.

The major thing in common among the so-called "social media holidays" is the pointless, repetitive posts that spam our feeds. "Social media holidays" include, but are not limited to: what seems like the ten #nationalsiblingday days we have in a year, #nationalgirlfriendday, #nationalboyfriendday, #nationaldogday, #nationalcatday, #nationalTVday, #nationalcookieday, #nationalfriendsday, #nationalspouseday, #nationalnationalday, #nationalbeerday, #nationalwhateverday, you name it!

It's sad to see Mother's Day, a joyous holiday celebrating the hard work our mothers do, be degraded into some little social media induced, "national" day. It's gross, quite frankly.

Nothing against people who made posts (or essays) on social media about how great their mothers are, but seriously, who are you posting this for. Those who don't have mothers? That's offensive!

I seriously want to ask some of these people who made these elaborate posts on social media, if they called or told their mom in person how much they love her. And if they say "Yes", which most of them probably will, I want to ask them: "Then why make a post on social media at all? Who the hell are you posting it for then?"

It's pointless!

I don't spend my entire days on social media, but if you spent even 30 seconds online Sunday, you know exactly what I mean.

Again, nothing against people who made these posts. Some people had very delightful things to say about their mothers, but why would I or most people care. Karen isn't my mother so why should I care?

Give your mom a hug, tell her you love her and go on with your day. You don't need social gratification from post likes to prove you love your mother.

As for the next #nationalsiblingsday, whenever it may be, probably next week, you already know my thoughts!

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