• Justin Lees

This One is for the Kirk Haters

Alright, the Vikings are the best team in football right now, and you cannot tell me otherwise. Sure the Niners are good, the Seahawks are tough, the Chiefs are all all stars, but they do not have what we have. Heart. And isn't that all that matters?

After a game like that battling against all the odds we still found a way to leave New Orleans with a W, (after blowing the lead first, but that doesn't matter right now) In all honesty, I still cannot wrap my head around that game. It was the best game of football that I have ever watched.

Also, this game was the biggest "screw you" from Kirk Cousins to half of the Minnesotans who doubted him. (maybe not "screw you", but "heck you". Kirk is too nice). Kirk in that game alone earned every single one of the 84 million dollars that he gets paid. He did what most of the entire country thought was impossible, win a big game. And he did quite impressively. 19 for 31, with one touchdown, but the one touchdown was the only one that we NEEDED from him, the second best throw of his career to win the game.

The first, was only 2 plays before it, which set up the game:

Thielen made up for that fumble on the opening drive with that banger of a 43 yard completion. (I hated Zimm electing to receive off of kick off, but it all worked out in the end)

Even Dalvin Cook had a monster game, almost a hundred yards and two touchdowns. All this while having limited touches since week fifteen. He was playing like he was in the middle of the season, punching out 7 and 8 yard runs easy.

One could say that here at 10,000 Takes we also had a monster day. Our Twitter game was performing at the highest level. The memes were firing and the highlight clips were nuts. So good, it may or may not have been mentioned on 100.3, also known as KFAN, you might have heard of it.

Now, I don't want to take credit for the win, but this may have been the motivation that the team needed to win against New Orleans:

Dalvin Cook's touchdown and the teams first touch down. This was huge, because before this goal, things were starting to look scary:

This one was my personal favorite. Right when things were looking horrible for us. It looked like we choked the lead, gave up the ball and let the Saints grab an easy and quick 6. But nope, the refs called it back for a New Orleans penalty, giving us the ball back and keeping us in the game.

I'm sure you all remember the crooked Saints team that almost murdered our prized quarterback, Brett Favre. They were literally paying their defense extra to injure and concuss the opposing team, resulting in a loss in the NFC championship game. But that is in the past and we worked the Saints, karma is a bitch.

And finally, our most popular tweet of the day. This one really blew up, and deservingly so. The Saints whined and whined last year and got the rules changed. This year in their final game of the season the new review after touchdown rule comes into play, and it doesn't help them at all. It was an absolutely perfect ending to the game, and made for an unreal watching experience (unless your a Saints fan).

But this one is over and we gotta look onward to next week. We've got the 49ers in San Fransisco. Now call me crazy, but I firmly believe we have a chance, even if no one else does. It is not a night game, which everyone knows we struggle in and it is in warm weather. Nobody believed in us last week, so why should that change anything now. We just have to ride this win into next week and #GoGetIt (sorry I had to put that in there once)


Also, Stefanski, please try more outside pitches, one of them is bound to get positive yards... right?

(Chris Hawkey if you're reading this, Sup? Lets get together and talk content and the Vikes smoking the Niners next weekend.)

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