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Tiger in Legal Trouble Again?

Not so long ago, Mr. Woods was the tiger king of the golf world. He had accumulated wealth and fame but then found himself embroiled in a relationship scandal and facing criminal charges. It appeared that Tiger had put those troubles, as well as his injury problems, behind him. He had been playing very competitive golf in recent years and won his fifth green jacket at the 2019 Masters. However, Woods has again found him self in the middle of a legal battle.

Tiger's Caddy Joe LaCava

The suit doesn't involve a relationship scandal or criminal conduct. Instead, a fan alleges that at a tournament two years ago, Tiger's caddy, Joe LaCava, pushed the fan causing him to fall down and get injured. The fan also claims that the injuries were so severe he had to go to the hospital. Keep in mind he was pushed down on a golf course, not pushed off a fucking cliff. Tiger is included in the suit under the theory that as LaCava's employer, he is responsible for Lacava's actions while on the job.

In reality, Tiger is included in the suit because he has the deep pockets. This pretty plainly looks like a money grab lawsuit designed to get Tiger to cut a check and make it go away rather than pay high priced lawyers to defend the case. People like this fan are the fucking worst. Just back up when the most famous golfer in the world is trying to get through, its not that hard. I don't think LaCava was pushing the fan down. Instead, LaCava was forcefully encouraging the fan to socially distance himself from Tiger. Truly, a man ahead of his time.

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