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Top 10 Most OP Video Game Athletes

Due to the lack of actual live sports, many, including myself, have been filling our needs with sports video games. I've personally been binging NCAA Football 14 and Fifa 14 on the Xbox 360 like a mad man the last two weeks. As we all know, there are certain teams and players on each game that are just head and shoulders better than the others. Players that if you choose to use them against your friends, they have every right in the world to roast your ass for more or less cheating. Here's my personal top ten for most OP sports game athletes (not including games with athletes' names in the title, sorry Tiger).

10. Conor McGregor (featherweight): UFC 2

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to some of you, but for those that have played the game, you know what I'm talking about. When the game was made, he was still undefeated in the UFC and everyone had his 13 second knockout of Aldo fresh in their minds. Whenever you fought Conor at featherweight, you knew you had to take him to the ground or you'd be eating that left hand all night. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. EA decided that in addition to his absurd striking stats and animations that were almost impossible to counter, they'd also give him crazy high takedown defense, submission defense, and bottom grappling, so that if you ever could take him down, he'd get right back up. Also, in a UFC video game, it's a lot more fun to keep the fight standing, especially since EA hadn't yet perfected the ground game, so Conor is always a tough matchup. To quote the Double Champ himself, "No one can take that left hand," and in this game, its true.

9. Case Keenum: NCAA Football 2012

Before becoming a league-wide meme and being Captain Kirk's more successful predecessor (you read that right), Case was an All-American for the Cougars. Having almost perfect passing ratings combined with sneaky scrambling ability, Case was a handful in the game. Now there's been a lot of QBs with those numbers in NCAA games, but what makes Case stand out is how well he performs in simulations. The amount of times he robbed my Road to Glory player or a player from my Dynasty of a Heisman is downright criminal. Every time, he's always at the top of the rankings, earning him a spot on this list.

8. Jimmer Fredette: NCAA Basketball 10

Staying with now-defunct NCAA franchises, we have the GOAT, Jimmer Fredette. Who doesn't remember Jimmermania? The guy was, nay, IS, a living legend, and should be treated as such. I still have "Teach Me How to Jimmer" stuck in my head to this day, and I'm oddly OK with it. In the game, which was the last installment of NCAA basketball games, you literally couldn't miss with this guy. You could pull up from anywhere inside half court and believe its going in. This was a game with a lot of talent in it (Duke's 7 NBA players, Kentucky's John Wall and Boogie Cousins, Kemba Walker, Gordon Hayward) and Jimmer was head and shoulders above them all. He could casually hang 45, 8, and 8 while still spreading the word of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS every time down the floor. Shame he was never given a fair shot in the NBA.

7. Ray Allen: NBA Live 2005

Imagine the previous entry, but with the ability to drive and dunk on people. That's what you get with NBA Live 2005 Ray Allen. Automatic from anywhere, surprisingly solid on defense, and athletic enough to finish on the break. He has possibly the most OP jumper in any basketball video game ever. Even though he wasn't the highest rated player (KG was), Jesus Shuttlesworth could pretty much win you any game you were in. In addition, he was also a lock in the 3 Point Contest.

6. Ichiro Suzuki: MVP Baseball 2005

In what is arguably the greatest baseball video game of all time, Ichiro was pretty much unstoppable: never struck out, hit everything he swung at, could steal second at will, had unmatched range in the outfield, and had a cannon for a right arm. Even though his power ratings left much to be desired, his contact and baserunning attributes basically turned routine singles into doubles, and depending on the stadium, shots to the gap would be home runs. Unless you had an elite 3rd basemen, anything down the line was usually a single due to his speed and batting animation that had him running down the line as he made contact.

5. Ronaldinho: Fifa 06

Before Ronaldo and Messi were unarguably the top two players in the world, there was only one: Ronaldinho. The Brazilian superstar made Barcelona pretty much the second best team in any soccer game ever, only behind the Brazilian national team that he also led. With the ball, you could do whatever you wanted, making lesser opponents and goalies look like children on you way to putting the ball in the back of the net. He was so much faster and more skilled than pretty much every other player in the game and impossible to mark in the open field.

4. Reggie Bush: NCAA Football 06

When you think of the term human joystick, no college player in any game personifies that as much as Reggie Bush in NCAA 06. As 1/2 of a Heisman backfield with Matt Leinart, Bush could more or less score at will with an absurd combination of agility, speed, and elusiveness. If you ever wanted to piss off the person you were playing, you chose USC and just ran HB Toss towards the far sideline every play and beat everyone to the edge. It wasn't fair. This and NCAA 05 were the first football games I remember playing with my older brother, and USC was always the only chance I had of keeping the game even remotely close.

3. Michael Vick: Madden 2004

This is where we start to get into the elite. The best of the best. With Vick on Madden 2004, every play had the potential for a highlight reel touchdown. Take our previous entry and add the ability to throw bombs 50 yards down field to Roddy White and you get Mike Vick. Whenever a new Madden comes out, the most OP players always get compared to this version of Vick, and for good reason. We've still never seen a player with Vick's combination running and scrambling ability and throwing attributes. You could gain 25+ yards every play with either a QB sneak or a rollout to the left with either a bomb to a receiver or running it yourself.

2. Bo Jackson: Tecmo Bowl

The OG in video game dominance. When playing as Bo in Tecmo Bowl, its pretty much impossible to lose. Zigzagging down the field was almost always a guaranteed touchdown. He was so good in this game that to this day that his dominance is now engrained into our pop culture, even being featured on an episode of Family Guy. He even shared the backfield with fellow all pro back and Heisman winner Marcus Allen, and still no one ever did anything but give the ball to Bo. He is the standard to which all video game athletes are measured.

Honorable Mentions:

Steph Curry, NBA 2K16: Ridiculous 3pt ratings, creates own shot at will

Lamar Jackson, Madden 20: Basically diet Mike Vick, human joystick

Lebron James, NBA 2K14: Automatic at the rim and in transition, lockdown defender as well

Colt Brennan, NCAA Football 2008: Throws all the TDs, contender for Case Keenum's spot

Giannis, NBA 2K20: Gets to rim and dunks at will at 6'11, handles like a guard

Justin Verlander, MLB 2K12: Can't touch his heater, throws absolute smoke

And this brings us to #1...

1. Pablo Sanchez: Backyard Sports

The Secret Weapon. The Original Sanchize. The GOAT. If you didn't have this kid as your center fielder, closing pitcher, clean-up hitter, quarterback, point guard, 1st line center, skateboarder, and striker, there was something wrong with your head. When you're talking about the greatest virtual athletes of all time, he's the undisputed GOAT. An MVP contender in five different sports as well as an all-world skateboarder? Absolutely unreal. The kid hits bombs, scores goals, splashes 3's, runs in touchdowns, and hits kickflips at will, all while being one of the shortest players in the game. There's just no one else even near his level. Usually in conversations about who the greatest at something is, you'll have at least two people that can challenge for that title. Not here. If Pablo's not your GOAT, go back, play some backyard sports games, then get back to me. Pablo Sanchez slander will not be tolerated here.

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