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"Twins Baseball is (Sort of) on the Air"

Nothing is worse than a time like this when baseball season would be getting into full swing, and we are unable to enjoy the sweet nectar of America's pastime.

The Minnesota Twins would have had their home opener Thursday against the Oakland Athletics. We weren't able to see the Gopher basketball or hockey teams potentially make a run in March (not likely, but you never know), the Minnesota Wild make a strong push for a playoff spot, the Timberwolves....eh....they weren't going anywhere, and now we cannot watch Minnesota's favorite baseball club open their season at the wondrous Target Field.


But one thing you can check out to maybe keel you over of your baseball withdrawals, is watching Cory Provus and Dan Gladden of the Minnesota Twins Radio Network, call a virtual Home Opener on MLB The Show! Check it out:

As cool as this is, this just makes me depressed at the same time. In the end, I don't want to be watching a video game. I want to be watching the real thing! And seeing this, just makes me miss sports and the Twins that much more!

All credit to Cory Provus, Dan Gladden and the Twins Radio Network for setting this up. Just to hear some sort of baseball broadcast with live announcers is amazing! But this crap better end soon! I NEED MY SPORTS AND I NEED MY BASEBALL!

There is nothing better than either going to Target Field on a Friday night with some friends, drinking some beers, eating some hotdogs, or watching some afternoon baseball on a lazy Sunday afternoon from the comfort of your own couch!


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