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Twins Playoff Talk: Game 1 Recap

I was thinking about writing a professional blog about game analysis, break it down inning by inning, include some tweets from experts about their thoughts and maybe counter argue. Sports stuff ya know?

But there were already 1,000 other articles that were already released by the time I was pushing out my second wave of tears into my Long Island Iced Tea. With that I’m going to give it to you straight up as a fan who had to follow half of the game using the ESPN app on poor AT&T internet connection.

Heading into the game I was happy to see that Arraez was back in the lineup despite a longer projected injury when he sprained his ankle last weekend. I was however sad to see that Willian Austudillo (The turtle) wasn't playing. Why you ask? Because that guy just has big dick energy on and off the field and absolutely fires up the players and fans. So I'm all about it.

If you saw anything from the game last night, I don’t have to tell you that the Twins had a very poor performance. The sad story of our terrible pitching continued as the Twins gave up 10 runs, 8 hits, and walked 8 batters. On top of that why is Kyle Gibson pitching? That guy should be locked in a closet where there isn't anything even remotely shaped like a baseball within 10 miles of him.

As hopeful as I am that we perform better on that side of the ball, I really think that winning defensivly is just not even an option at this point. Everyone knew going into it that the only way we can beat the Yankees is to straight up outhit them, and that didn't happen at all last night.

The Bomba Squad kept it rolling and had 3 home runs between Polanco, Cruz, and Sano. The problem with it? Two of those were solo shots. We just couldn't get guys on base and when we did it was always riding on 2 outs. It also doesn't help when you have people like Aaron Judge out there making incredible catches in the outfield.

Going forward I'm positive about the game tonight. According to ESPN (blame them if this is wrong btw) Randy Dobnak is starting us off on the mound. We are talking about the guy who could safely drive you across town at 3 in the morning. The guy who drinks not one but two Budweisers at a time. The guy with quite possibly the best handlebar mustache the sports world has seen since Hulk Hogan (Yes the WWE is a sport, try me). There isn't anyone else I'd rather have lead us off tonight (expect for Pineda but lets not open that can of worms again).

The Twins are the kind of team that will bounce back. Unlike the Yankees, this team doesn't really know what playoff baseball is actually like. So getting that first one out of the way is the first step to winning this series. Go Twinks!

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