Twins Playoff Talk: Game 2 Recap

Ah shit, here we go again.

Yesterday when I wrote that I was hopeful that we were gonna play better by getting that first game out of the way. I was so wrong it actually hurts. Wanna know the worst part about it? I actually meant that. I had actual confidence. I was actually super excited to watch the game. Oh was I wrong to the moon and back six times.

You wanna know what actually happened? (5 star analysis to come). The Yankees took what was left of my fragile little heart and stomped all over it. And then they proceeded to laugh at it while it was still on the ground.

For starters, the pitching was absolutely HORRENDOUS. 3 pitchers in the first 4 innings and following that was the famous crew that gave up 7 runs the night before. I'm all about second chances and the opportunity to redeem yourself, but not in the playoffs. I feel like Baldelli had no choice but to start picking names out of a hat and praying that one of them could make it more than an inning. Maybe I'll build a time machine, go back to July, and try to convince Levine to make the Syndergaard Buxton trade (I love Buxton, but this team isn't going to be around forever and we need pitching).

Also, who else saw that grand slam coming? I sure did. Fox had to keep showing Duffy in the dugout: "Yeah switch camera 1 to that pissed off little prick every 10 seconds, it's pretty funny". You knew that homer was going into another continent the second it left the bat. It was pretty awesome if you aren't a Twins fan.

And finally, the hitting just has to be better. Tanaka is a great pitcher when it comes to the playoffs but hitting is the only way we are going to get even one game out of this series. Its amazing that we were able to put up 2 runs last night. The Yankees pitching is suppose to be their weakness and if we can't capitalize on that we are dead in the water.

Also a massive F U to all the Yankees fans chanting "Uber" when Dobnak was pitching. If one of your 14 collective braincells as a fanbase knew what the salary for a minor league pitcher was, you wouldn't be making fun of him. As Minnesota sports fans its our job to rip on our players, not yours.

Despite the embarrassment I have suffered thus far I refuse to give up. It may look like another Minnesota sports ending is inbound, but I would like to see what we can do at home. The Bomba squad just needs their hometown crowd to turn this series around.

It just can't end like this, not this team, not this year.

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