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Twins Talk: Game 3 Recap

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. And I'm mad.

I know I'm 19 hours late on this one, but I'm a busy guy okay? On top of that I had to let the dust settle with my frustration and sadness before I was in any sane mindset to blog. Fortunately I'm calm now and will leave emotional bias out of this to keep it professional.

SON OF A BITCH. This is as good as it gets in Minnesota. An amazing regular season where we break records and take our World Series chances to new heights, just to get absolutely destroyed in a 5 game series to the point where it doesn't even feel like we belonged there in the first place. I mean honestly, this is why we are so damn negative, because no other emotion has ever existed. At least in my 22 years as a Minnesota Sports fan.

Now for the fun part, talking about this fucking game.

Wanna know what's crazy? I absolutely loved the pitching. Other than Romo's late earned runs (which didn't even end up mattering in the end) I don't think the Twins could have pitched any better. Odorizzi should have started every game if that's how it worked. If only pitchers had mechanical arms that never got sore. No Gibson or Duffy ever again. We could have used last nights pitching lineup in every game (and Pineda but we can't have nice things).

And honestly last night was the same story with hitting in the whole series. It's just so hard to see the Twins score 0 runs with bases loaded and zero outs. They were cranking the ball last night, but the combination of strikeouts and Aaron Judge's magnetic glove just stopped the Twins from ever putting up any points. It was so damn frustrating because the Universe (along with Roger Goodell and the MLB) just wouldn't let the Twins score a run, let alone take one game from the series.

What really makes me disappointed (mad) is the amount of Twins fans that were reportedly leaving the game in the 7th inning. You paid that much money to only watch 66% of the game? You didn't want to see the final moments of the best power hitting team of all time? I get that the Yankees are 92-2 when leading during the 7th inning (thats unreal by the way), but you gotta have some faith. Thats all we got in the land of 10,000 Lakes (Takes).

And finally, it wouldn't be a "we got swept in the first round" blog without a little bit of chirping even though I'm not in any position to do so.

To all of those fake Yankee's fans that hopped on the bandwagon, bought a hat, and called themselves "a real fan" . That wasn't your win, you didn't deserve it. Your real fans deserve that, so congrats to them. Not you.

Despite all of the anger I just destroyed my keyboard with, I'm thankful that we had such a fun regular season. It could always be worse, you could have been the Detroit Tigers or the Orioles. I think having a team that is insanely bad is worse then being hyped up and let down. But that's just my opinion.

Even though our season has come to an end, I will keep you all updated with the latest news on the team in the most entertaining ways possible. Because I still love this team and I always will, no matter what happens.

Go Twins

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