Twins Talk: Nelson Cruz Hits His 400th Career Home Run

I said I wasn't going to blog about the Twins until we clinch (knock on wood) because of obvious superstitious reasons.

I think Minnesota sports have made me a little stitious...

But actually... I can't just hold my tongue and not blog about what just happened today, and if I wait until after we clinch (knock on wood) I just look like an idiot whose late to the party.

Today one of our many home run hitters cranked his 400th career home run and 40th home run this season in our YUGE win against the Kansas City Royals. Nelson Cruz is an animal. In fact, there are only 56 other players to EVER reach this achievement in their career. Unlike Cruz, we can assume that half of the players on this list were probably taking some sort of PED when they crossed that threshold. (No one gets away with that anymore, not even Michael Pineda).

As we keep pushing the single season home run record, we are only 3 away from 300. But we aren’t here to celebrate that (we get to celebrate that every day😉).

Today is Nelson’s day. Cheers to you Mr.Cruz on 400. Make sure you save some more for the playoffs (knock on wood)

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