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Twins Talk: Randy Dobnak Had His Major League Debut

I'm gonna start off by apologizing for being late on this one, I knew he was starting, I watched the game, but my hangover won the battle... No more of that, I'm all in from this point out, so let's keep it rolling.

Shall we use the words "Cinderella Story"? Let's be honest, anytime a player gets called up for the minors it's inspiring. Watching other people's dreams come true makes me happy. Our boy, Randy Dobnak, 4.99/5 rated Uber driver, former minor league pitcher, had his MLB debut.

On Saturday night at the game, I was PUMPED to see Dobnak's name on the "warming up" board in the bullpen. Of course we took that 4 run lead when I decided to refill my $10 beer... So following that Rogers went in to pitch. But I'm glad that Randy got the start on Sunday. Even though he gave up a few hits and 2 runs, everyone has gotta start somewhere right?

As long as he keeps grooming that handlebar mustache, throwing down Budweisers, and slinging strikeouts (he had one Sunday), he won't drive another drunk idiot on the streets of Fort Myers ever again. I'm excited to see his career pan out, and excited for this team to make the playoff push!

I wanted to close out this blog with lyrics to the Twin's theme song, but I honestly can't stand it. I liked when their unofficial theme song was "Levels" by Avicci. Call me what you will, but that shit gets me pumped.

Dobnak’s zone charts:

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