Twins Weekend Preview: Twins vs Indians

Quoting the guy from chatroom on reddit I'm watching the game through (thanks Dish and FSN, NOT!) "This weather delay is a crock of shit!!" While we wait, let's dive into this weekend's matchup.

Some people are calling it the series of the century, and by some people, I mean me. All jokes aside this is the most important series the Twins will have in the regular season. The Cleveland Indians have been on our back since July and have had a couple close calls where they were tied for first the AL Central.

After two losses against the Washington Nationals, the Twins lead the division by 3 and half games with just 16 left in the regular season. I'm not worried about our hitting, who would? It's the damn pitching that scares me. But not this weekend.

Tonight we have Jake Odorizzi starting off on the mound, who has been solid against Cleveland all year. Last time he squared up against the Indians, he only allowed two runs and had a whopping 10 strikeouts while I had 4 McGolden Lites priced at $10 a piece in section T. Great night for both of us.

With Saturday being a question mark and Berrios on the mound for Sunday, the Twins are doing everything they can to put our best weapons against our close counterparts. On top of our starters, Trevor May has been getting more wins in Fortnite since the last time we played Cleveland, so our pitching is nothing to worry about this weekend.

In terms of our injury list:

Credit to FSN for this list, but shame on them for cutting off Dish Network viewers. You're forcing me to watch it from reddit streams that feature ads of animated porn.

Take Pineda off that list and add him to the "I got screwed by the MLB because they don't want players to lose wight" list. Also what happened to Polanco's teeth? Still better than being ruled out for Mono...

Go Twins!!

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