UFO's in 2020? Why Not

As if 2020 couldn't get anymore weird, we now have actual footage of UFO's flying around in the sky, and actually nobody cares! These bad boys surface in 2016 and everyone freaks out the way they should, remember when all those clowns just wandered around the United States for no reason? Now that was news, and people reacted accordingly. Imagine if people just let that go; that would be insane.

In 2020 we've all dealt with so much shit UFO's are nothing anymore. Everyone is busy dealing with a pandemic because someone decided to eat a bat and get everything fun cancelled. If someone (me) went and proved that dinosaurs didn't exist (it's true) nobody would care, we're all desensitized to news at this point. This is the only news people are holding out for: when bars open up again, the cure for Corona Virus, and when sports start back up. Here is the footage if you have not seen it yet:

Think of all the news we have had in the last week, I feel like it is a crazy amount:

-The Packers draft QB Jordan Love in the first round (HA)

-America's power couple, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari split up

-Kim Jong Un comes out of surgery brain dead, is actually dead, but now back alive (I still don't know what the truth is)

-10,000 Takes charity stream is announced for the weekend of May 1st

-UFO footage released

I'm a big believer in aliens, they are definitely out there and it would be crazy to not think so. The universe is too big for it to be just us, and I could go on but that's just boring. Just think of ET; he could be out there looking for his M&M's (Reeses Pieces?) why not come here? Honestly I never got into watching ET, it scared the hell out of me as a kid and I still don't want to watch it. I don't understand how it's a wholesome movie, that alien just looks too creepy for that to be a fun watch.

But in all seriousness I am a company man first. Everything I do is for the brand, and that brand is 10,000 Takes. So let this be a formal invitation to the UFO's above for them to jump on the pod and sit down (float?) and record an episode or two. It could be light hearted or more serious, totally up to them. I think that the perfect way to break the ice with the planet is a casual podcast talking sports and other things with the boys, (probes stay at home).

(Please give credit to 10,000 Takes for being the first blog to invite aliens to record a podcast)

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