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UNC Player Name Takes the Cake

The Military Bowl may not be the most exciting bowl especially when it is in the middle of the day on a Friday between unranked North Carolina and Temple. The only thing it does is give thanks and appreciation to our wonderful United States Military, which should be done on a daily basis.

Besides that, this is just another bowl game that gets blended into all the other pointless bowl games with the sole purpose for the NCAA to make more money. However, the highlight of this game is the country being introduced to probably one of the greatest names of all time: STORM DUCK!

Yes, you read that right! The name of a freshman defensive back on North Carolina's football team is literally Storm Duck. This just makes the entire college football bowl season worth it right there!

What's funny about this is the fact his last name as well as his parents last name is Duck. That's already entertaining as is. "He is the proud son of Mr. and Mrs. Duck!"

And for his parents to come up with Storm as a first name to go with Duck is pretty ballsy. But kudos to them because now their son has gone viral and that name will definitely stick in a lot of people's minds.

I just hope he makes it to the NFL and has a chance to be drafted: "With the 22nd overall pick, the Minnesota Vikings select Storm Duck!"

It almost seems fake, or something you would see in a comedy, but it's 100 percent legit. Of all the different, funny and unique football player names I have seen over the years this one definitely takes the cake.

I think this one may even beat out all the names in the notorious East-West Bowl game played a few years back.