• Bossman

Update: I’ve Been Hoaxed

Okay okay, for those of you who read my previous work of literary gold, I wrote a blog about 6ix9ine and how he turned in a Minneapolis Rapper when ratting out his gang. Let me be the first to say this thing is a joke floating around the internet in the music industry. How did I know? When I saw the same headline except they replaced his name with Mason Ramsey.... unless dropping bangers is a crime.

As an amateur, self-proclaimed Journalist, I’m more surprised than you are that I didn’t verify my source.

With that I’m still convinced that 6ix9ine is going to try and turn me in to reduce his billion year prison sentence, especially after I took 45 minutes of of my day to shit talk him on my previous blog. But I had to stick up for Minnesota, our home!

Im going to chalk today up as a loss, but I’ll be back tomorrow.

p.s. I’m not blogging about the Twins until they clinch (knock on wood, seriously).

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