• Bossman

VIDEO: Battlehawks Player Trades Thin Mints for XFL Football

If you didn't love the XFL before, you better like it after this. Honestly speaking, I really want an XFL football. And from the looks of this, the exchange rate for one XFL football is exactly one box of Thin Mints. So I might just have to buy a couple boxes before going to my first Battlehawks game. Although I have a feeling that it might cost me more boxes considering I'm not a 9 year old girl..

The Xtreme Football league isn't all just winded guys with Xbox controllers, interviews with angry lineman dropping the F word on national TV, or bud light seltzer parties in the locker room.

Nope, the XFL is a league for the whole family, they are the league that supports the little boys and girls out there and gives them heroes that they can look up to (except when that guy dropped the f bomb on ABC).

And who is surprised that it was a Battlehawks player?? Not me. This is the greatest team in the league. Not just in skill, but also in heart.


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