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Listen... I don't like to go after my own people. But last night I had to take a break from the blog and hang out with some friends (I did that last week when we were suppose to the film the 4th Episode of The Jack Leverentz show, but were not going to talk about that).

Anyways, when I got home and was ready to shoot episode 4, I saw this disgusting video on Twitter by my Co-host:

I don't know if this was some kind of personal attack or a poor attempt at roasting me, but either way I was shocked.

Yes I'll admit I dropped the ball last week. Our loyal listeners had to go two weeks without a podcast and it was all my fault. But I was man enough to admit that (I didn't do it online). Yet even after taking responsibility and being the good person I am, I still get attacked by Rico Sauve.

But as you guys know, anytime someone has ever come after me or 10,000 Takes, I burry them. It's what I do and I've done a fine job of it. I consider myself a friendly pup, BUT this big dog fights if you rattle his cage. And Rico put his whole fucking hand in my cage with that video, so this is what I had to do:

I didn't want to bury Rico but he gave me no choice. So that's the story.