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VIDEO: The 2020 MN State High School All Hockey Hair Team is HERE

Another historic Minnesota Boys State High School hockey tournament is in the books and you know what that means: hair, hair and more hair!!!!

The man behind the notorious videos ranking the best hairstyles from the Minnesota state high school tournament is back even though he claimed 2019 was his last year. But you just cannot resist the flow!!! The sweet locks that Minnesota produces will always find its way back. You cannot defeat the lettuce. Remember that!!!

This year's tournament did not disappoint with displays of groomed perfection from mullets to all out Afro madness including some dead-eye stares. One performance in particular that stuck out was this one that took the internet by storm:

This was just one of many stellar looks by the players of the 2020 Minnesota state hockey tournament. I encourage you to check out the 2020 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team video presented by none other than Great Clips to see all the amazing hockey hair that came out of Minnesota this year.

Always respect the lettuce! Always!

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